First past the post

Well, here is the first post. After promising not to be uncontroversial and boring, that is precisely what this post is going to be. It’s just there to fill up the space on the front page until I have the time to write something interesting.

Actually, I’m already writing something interesting, but I doubt that a 4000 word essay on the moral status of the embryo is really what you want to read.

Actually, I don’t really care what you want to read… the purpose of the exercise is that I’m going to write what I want to write!

No restrictions – the world is the mollusc of my choice! (As per Terry Pratchett, in Pyramids, thus proving that not only do I not care what you want to read, but I don’t care about being original either. But at least I care about credit and referencing…)


Go on, comment... you know you want to!

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