Where have I been?

Well… here, actually. Sitting at the same keyboard that is attached to the same internet where this blog lives. No excuses.

But I’ve been writing my MA dissertation, which is now grown to a decent size and is in need of trimming into a more pleasing shape, like the academic equivalent of topiary. For this sort of thing, I tend to be a collector of everything. I stick it all together into one big long document, and then chop the useless bits off. And hopefully, what’s left should look like a rooster, or maybe a squirrel.

But – World – Take heed! Today is the first day of the rest of this blog’s life. I promise to actually add things to it at regular intervals. Interesting things. But this blog is not topiary. I keep wondering whether it ought to be, but no – this blog’s mission in life is to be a monkey puzzle tree. It’s not just one thing (like a large privet teapot) – it’s a place where all sorts of branches go off in all directions.

So, there we are. A public promise. Got to do it now…


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