First legal job…

The next stage of my legal career begins on Monday. Having survived my GDL exams (seven 3-hour exams in 11 days, oh what fun we had), I start my job as a paralegal in a small high-street solicitor’s firm.

Several concerns spring to mind:

  1. How does one acquire clients? At least I’m doing Wills and probate, and a Will is something every adult should have. You can’t say the same about divorces, or personal injury.
  2. Am I going to gain weight or lose weight? In my current job, people bring in cake nearly every day. And cake is there to be eaten. I’ve gone from a size 8 to a size 10. I really don’t want to get any bigger… (Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist everything except temptation.)
  3. How much of an advantage would be a knowledge of Islamic law be? And how long would it take to acquire one?
  4. Am I going to break my neck before the end of my first week? Unfashionable flat shoes notwithstanding, I know where my desk is going to be, and it’s right at the top of the building up an extremely steep staircase.
  5. Why is it that it’s nearly impossible to find a smart blouse suitable for work nowadays? That is, one that doesn’t look as if it is more appropriately worn on a beach somewhere. I nearly ended up in the school uniform department.

We shall see…


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