A change of direction

It’s been about three months since I’ve posted to this blog. The reason being a change of job.

My attempted career change has not worked out. Nine months or so of working in a law firm has made me realise that no matter how fascinating I find the law, practising it is not something I will ever be able to do.

Not because of the intellectual demands. Not because of the hours – or even because of the admittedly crappy pay.

No, it’s the having-to-deal-with-people part.

People stress me out. Even nice people. One client interview can ruin my whole day.

I now realise that I will never, ever be able to cope with a job that requires me to deal with people on a day-to-day basis. I’m an excellent technician. I know my stuff; I can apply it in the real world, and I can see a problem laid out like a diagram in my head (very useful for problem-solving). Unfortunately, I just can’t cope with people.

Luckily (being an excellent technician), I’ve now got a full-time job – back in pharmacy – that is mostly technical, and with minimal need to actually interact with real people except in the briefest of ways. Plus there are better doughnuts.

There is also even a law-y element, so my GDL won’t be wasted, and I’ll be carrying on with my LPC.

I don’t regret the experience, though. I’ve learned a lot (and not only that I can’t cope with people in any context), and no experience that teaches you something is wasted. I can now move forward, knowing that however much I love the law, practising law is not an option for me. Knowing that, too, is a good thing. It means I’ve tried it, it didn’t work out, and I can go on without hankering after it. Without wondering what if? I’ve done the what if, and come back to tell the tale.

So this blog is probably going to take a bit of a left turn. A bit more pharmacy, a bit less law. Or rather, the law quotient will have more of a pharmaceutical flavour. We’ll see.


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