This is the page for links to sites I think are interesting or important.

Information about Medicines

ResourcePharm – a website composed almost entirely of links to other sources of health and medicines information.

Science, Evidence, and Scepticism

Behind the Headlines – evaluation of health-related headlines in UK papers. Where did the headline come from, and was the reporting accurate?

Sense About Science – Information to help people make sense of scientific and medical claims that are in the news, or commonly discussed.

Quackwatch – the go-to website for information about health-related frauds, myths, fallacies and misconduct. – website which fact-checks urban legends, rumours, and unbelievable news stories. A great place to go if you want the answer to the question “WTF?”


British Humanist Association.

Writing, reading, and related stuff

TV Tropes – a site listing, and describing, the tropes you find in all sorts of fiction. Should be required reading for anyone attempting authorship…

Zotero – software for referencing documents. Referencing can not only be not painful but actually fun! (If you think being able to press one button and get a whole bibliography is fun, that is.)